19 August 2006

Headed to Scale With Rails Workshop; and Interesting Rails Deployment Options

Next week I'm headed to the Scale with Rails workshop. I'm hoping this will be quite useful and interesting. It will also be cool to test out TextDrive's new container hosting setup. I've been doing a lot of investigation on VPS and similar systems lately. Also, another very intriguing setup will be the Engine Yard hosted setup. I've been talking to Tom there, and I like what I hear so far. Even cooler is that they are in Sacramento, so I plan to get together with them in the near future and discuss even more. Another non-traditional, much more supported VPS setup is Rails Machine. These are all quite appealing to anyone who wants to concentrate on development of their app, and leave the OS maintenance and related bits to someone else that may have more expertise in that area. For my personal setups, this is quite appealing.

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