22 August 2007

I am 73% Optimus Prime

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15 August 2007

Green Buildings Story: My Adobe Building Photo Used

I was happy to receive email from Grist, which just did an article on 15 Green Buildings.  They used one of my photos of the Adobe Systems buildings in San Jose (see building #8 in the article).  Here's the full photo on Flickr.  I myself have become very interested in being "green" and have been increasing my own efforts.  Good job to Grist for observing the Creative Commons license, and glad I could help with such an article.

09 August 2007

New Visionary Saver screensaver on the horizon

I've put a bit more work into the Visionary Saver screensaver, and should have a new version out soon. I'm likely going to have delay on the multi-monitor stuff. Getting all the preferences right for that is somewhat of a UI mess (especially for those of us who deal with multiple multi-monitor setups for a single computer).

On another note, I've added the "ThisWorld" visualization. Gary's FlickrTicker will be fully supported as well.

Depending on what work I get done on it this weekend, or in the next evening or two, I plan to have a new version out early next week, or this weekend.