30 December 2006

Skiing Silverton in Early January

Just firmed up a quick trip with two friends to ski Silverton (Colorado) in early January. One of the guys, Matt, just skied there today and said it was stellar. It's an interesting place, as it only has one lift, and during the main part of the season you must ski guided. This will be my first real backcountry excursion, although it should be relatively mellow in that regard (no skinning, hopefully minimal hiking as my fitness level is quite poor right now).

I also am hoping to take a lot of pictures. And, given my weak fitness, I expect to not last a whole day of this kind of skiing, so hopefully can also shoot some action shots of Matt and Barry. Matt will easily rip it up, as he's been skiing this kind of stuff all over CO and UT for the last few weeks (the lucky bum).

23 December 2006

Dtrace: the anal probe

So I'm listening to the ps pipe grep podcast the other day, and with his always interesting sense of humor, Jason provides this superb quote,

Dtrace is an anal probe for your application.


14 December 2006

John Nack Slashdotted My Flickr Photos of Adobe

The good John Nack mentioned my photos of Adobe that are on Flickr. And, of course this was about as close as they will get to getting Slashdotted, er, I guess that'd bhttp://beta.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gife Dugg these days.

I should of course make one correction. John mentions I'm a Photoshop engineer. This is only partly true. I used to be full time on Photoshop, but my features are complete (wait for the Photoshop CS3 Beta tomorrow, and I'll blog about them). I'm now actually back to doing web services and web applications (hopefully more on that early next year).

The Photoshop beta is very exciting for those of us who've worked on it though. And of course it's great for folks who've been clamoring for a Mactel version. This will be on tomorrow.

There are some other interesting things on Labs recently as well. For example, check out Kuler and Soundbooth. Really fun and great stuff that's been happening at Adobe. And of course there's all the great Flash and Flex related bits, which I have personally been using a lot.

Amazon's UnSpun done with Ruby on Rails

Pretty cool... Amazon's latest service/site, UnSpun, was implemented with Ruby on Rails. I knew Amazon was looking at Rails, but this is great to see.

13 December 2006

Winter Evening in Old Town Auburn

Gary and I went out for a quick photo shoot in the drizzle this evening. We started near the courthouse in Auburn, and then walked around Old Town. I will have to go back, as it took a while to start finding shots I was interested in. But, I got a few. Gary also took some nice ones.

12 December 2006

Adobe Sixth Floor At Night and Other Pics

I took some night shots the other night, while working on servers in the data center (had some time to kill while waiting for Linux to install). This one is shot from the six floor walkway and basketball court area. There are some other shots that I did time-lapse that show some of the planes that fly directly over our buildings.

11 December 2006

Hello BingoDisk, Goodbye iDisk

I've had a Bingo! disk for a little while now, and it's just making the iDisk of .Mac look pathetic. I don't use iDisk for much, except keeping some documents I need to keep available anywhere, and off-site, as well as sync'ing those across machines. But, iDisk performance is horrid, and Bingo disk is nice. So, I'm no longer bothering with iDisk, and hopefully I will not renew my .Mac account (not likely yet, because my main use for it is actually keeping Address Book, iCal, etc. in sync across various machines without having to think about it).

05 December 2006

Camera and Camelbak Backup Solution #1

Following up on my previous post about needing a backpack that was both for camera gear and held a Camelbak, for use mountain biking, I've identified my first solution. After further discussion with Dakine, and having talked to various others, I'm going with the Ridge pack (in black/olive) and their Camera Block. Dakine suggested this, and believes it should work. The only question is that it may be a bit of a tight fit with a full Camelbak bladder and Camera Block, but we'll see.

Their packs, with the diagonal ski carry are still the most appealing to me for carrying a tripod. I also like the back access and full/instant access to all camera gear that it and the Camera Block brings. I should get these within a week or so, and will report again once I've had a chance to ride with it and try it all out.

04 December 2006

Looking for combo camera and Camelbak pack

I've been searching for a backpack for mountain biking while carrying camera gear (digital SLR, extra lenses, etc.). There are many camera backpacks, but none seem to have a Camelbak/hydration sleeve/compartment. If you know of one, please let me know (add a comment). I've started compiling a list of some that may work, or that I might be able to customize or so on, on a backpack page. My current setup is just to individually carry camera+lens in a padding neoprene Zing pouch, and then carry lenses in separate lens bags, and stuff these in my Camelbak Transalp, which is a fairly large Camelbak. This works pretty well, but I'd also like to carry my tripod, and have a more organized setup, preferably with a bit easier camera access. If only the Dakine Sequence had Camelbak sleeve.

I haven't tried putting my tripod on the Transalp yet. I may be able to lash/secure it to it, but not sure. The tripod is a magfiber 4-section Manfrotto, so it's relatively light and a bit shorter than average. Regardless, it's not just a little thing to lash on.