04 December 2006

Looking for combo camera and Camelbak pack

I've been searching for a backpack for mountain biking while carrying camera gear (digital SLR, extra lenses, etc.). There are many camera backpacks, but none seem to have a Camelbak/hydration sleeve/compartment. If you know of one, please let me know (add a comment). I've started compiling a list of some that may work, or that I might be able to customize or so on, on a backpack page. My current setup is just to individually carry camera+lens in a padding neoprene Zing pouch, and then carry lenses in separate lens bags, and stuff these in my Camelbak Transalp, which is a fairly large Camelbak. This works pretty well, but I'd also like to carry my tripod, and have a more organized setup, preferably with a bit easier camera access. If only the Dakine Sequence had Camelbak sleeve.

I haven't tried putting my tripod on the Transalp yet. I may be able to lash/secure it to it, but not sure. The tripod is a magfiber 4-section Manfrotto, so it's relatively light and a bit shorter than average. Regardless, it's not just a little thing to lash on.


Don said...

I had the same dilemma a year ago, and didn't really find the ideal solution. I can't believe there isn't one pack that can fit those needs, but I didn't find it.

I hadn't seen the Dakine camera block before, that sounds like a good pick to bring camera protection to a normal pack. I ended up just picking up an Osprey Atmos 50. It's extremely light and comfortable. The hydration bladder is out of the way, and there are plenty of pockets to keep food/drink away from your gear. I think with that camera block, it may be a decent fit(I'd just been using individual pouches, and it is frustrating). The tie-downs for the tripod on this pack are not ideal, though. Good luck, and please post if you find a better solution!

Anonymous said...

Some of the newer camelbak packs have a large cushioned pocket at the top, sized more for a small video cam but a slr with a short lens should fit ... also various external load straps that should fit the tripod. Dave

Chris said...

Dave thanks, I'll take a look. This likely isn't all that different than using my existing Camelbak though, as I'd still need to put my other two lenses into their own padded bags. I'm starting to think though, about seeing if Dakine's camera pouch/bag thing would fit in my Transalp (or maybe into a Ventoux or similar Camelbak).