30 December 2006

Skiing Silverton in Early January

Just firmed up a quick trip with two friends to ski Silverton (Colorado) in early January. One of the guys, Matt, just skied there today and said it was stellar. It's an interesting place, as it only has one lift, and during the main part of the season you must ski guided. This will be my first real backcountry excursion, although it should be relatively mellow in that regard (no skinning, hopefully minimal hiking as my fitness level is quite poor right now).

I also am hoping to take a lot of pictures. And, given my weak fitness, I expect to not last a whole day of this kind of skiing, so hopefully can also shoot some action shots of Matt and Barry. Matt will easily rip it up, as he's been skiing this kind of stuff all over CO and UT for the last few weeks (the lucky bum).