14 December 2006

John Nack Slashdotted My Flickr Photos of Adobe

The good John Nack mentioned my photos of Adobe that are on Flickr. And, of course this was about as close as they will get to getting Slashdotted, er, I guess that'd bhttp://beta.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gife Dugg these days.

I should of course make one correction. John mentions I'm a Photoshop engineer. This is only partly true. I used to be full time on Photoshop, but my features are complete (wait for the Photoshop CS3 Beta tomorrow, and I'll blog about them). I'm now actually back to doing web services and web applications (hopefully more on that early next year).

The Photoshop beta is very exciting for those of us who've worked on it though. And of course it's great for folks who've been clamoring for a Mactel version. This will be on tomorrow.

There are some other interesting things on Labs recently as well. For example, check out Kuler and Soundbooth. Really fun and great stuff that's been happening at Adobe. And of course there's all the great Flash and Flex related bits, which I have personally been using a lot.


Brian Phipps said...

Nice shots of Auburn, especially in the lambent glow. I also liked your pics of Lake Putt. I've driven by that little "lake" for ages and never knew it had a name. It looks far better in your photos than in reality. (Of course, when it zips past at 70 mph there's not much to see.)

Chris said...

Thanks Brian. I never knew the name either, until after I shot there and looked it up in Google maps :)