05 December 2006

Camera and Camelbak Backup Solution #1

Following up on my previous post about needing a backpack that was both for camera gear and held a Camelbak, for use mountain biking, I've identified my first solution. After further discussion with Dakine, and having talked to various others, I'm going with the Ridge pack (in black/olive) and their Camera Block. Dakine suggested this, and believes it should work. The only question is that it may be a bit of a tight fit with a full Camelbak bladder and Camera Block, but we'll see.

Their packs, with the diagonal ski carry are still the most appealing to me for carrying a tripod. I also like the back access and full/instant access to all camera gear that it and the Camera Block brings. I should get these within a week or so, and will report again once I've had a chance to ride with it and try it all out.