09 August 2007

New Visionary Saver screensaver on the horizon

I've put a bit more work into the Visionary Saver screensaver, and should have a new version out soon. I'm likely going to have delay on the multi-monitor stuff. Getting all the preferences right for that is somewhat of a UI mess (especially for those of us who deal with multiple multi-monitor setups for a single computer).

On another note, I've added the "ThisWorld" visualization. Gary's FlickrTicker will be fully supported as well.

Depending on what work I get done on it this weekend, or in the next evening or two, I plan to have a new version out early next week, or this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the next rev!

Here are some ideas about multi-monitor pref panels.

Chris said...

Thanks much for that! I will definitely check it out. I am getting eager to put out a new version, so I think for this next one, I'll just make the smaller changes solid, and get a new version out, and then pursue the multi-monitor stuff. I've been working insane hours at work, so haven't had time, but hopefully that is starting to relax a bit, and I'll be able to put some real time in on it.

Chris said...

Note, there is a new home for Visionary (and a slightly updated version).