19 November 2006

Photography Beginnings

I've started to get into photography, and recently finished a short class. The class was given by my father-in-law, who's an avid photography, and while he does some work for pay, it's primarily a hobby. The class was very good, as I am a serious n00b when it comes to real photography (i.e. using more than a point and shoot, and having proper aesthetics and composition). But, it's been really fun, and I'm starting to get some pictures. I put up a of some I took for the class.http://beta.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif


Lina HH. Chen said...

Hi !
I was just searching for a photography article, as I came across yours and read it!
Congrats on your start with photography!
Good luck with it!
Lina :)