03 February 2007

Essential COM autographed by Don Box, and other books

I've put up more books on eBay, including a copy of "Essential COM", signed by Don Box himself (eBay listing). I've also got books on Zope and Plone (listing, which has links to the others), and various other Windows books. I didn't sell a single one of the Java books I had up there, which kind of surprised me (nearly all were listed at $4).


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris !

I don't know if you still have/want to sale this book ?

I'm interested.

Montreal, Quebec

Chris said...

I still have it, however, it's at my new house, which I won't go back to until April 1. If you are ok to wait, let me know and we can arrange it, and I'll ship it to you once I get there, etc.

Anonymous said...

No probleme. I can wait.

How much do want including shipping for Canada ?

That can be on a slow delivery
as long as it is well packed and wrapped.


Chris said...

Send me an email at chris at codeintensity dot com, and we can work it all out.