28 January 2008

Alpine Navigation DVD's: Alpine are idiots

We have a Honda Odyssey which has an Alpine navigation system in it that runs off DVD. They only update the DVD annually. Fine. But get this, they prioritize new cars, sitting on a dealer's lot over their existing customers who are actually using the darn thing every day! No joke.

I called and talked to them today about it, and that's what I was told. They told me that until that process is done, only dealers can order the DVD (it's been out since the fall of 2007), and only once all the dealers have done it will they make it something you can order on the web site.

How ridiculous is this in this day and age? It's a DVD, burn a few more, or heck, burn on demand! I fail to see how there is any logic, any value to their customers, etc.


Anonymous said...

I agree Alpine has dropped the ball here , People are getting frustrated about how slow we can get updates and how expensive , Honda looks bad because of Alpine and Alpine should get FIRED and let some other more capable and less greedy company take over . And the updates aren't really annualy , just small updates , Major updates like what is now needed has not been done since 2005 and major tollways and roads in Dallas Texas do not exist on my NAV DVD in my 07 Pilot and I think that's pitiful .

Anonymous said...

Calling Alpine and the employees "idiots" is a huge misrepresentation because they are f*ing idiots. Sorry, no, that would offend idiots all over the world. Idiots have an excuse, Alpine does not. I bought a DVD about a year ago. They charged my credit card and made me wait months for it. When I received the DVD it would not work. I tried putting the old DVD in and it said "sorry, wrong version!" Great now nothing works. I call the idiots at Alpine, let them know what was happening, and asked if they would replace the DVD. Sure they said and an envelope arrives at my house. I send it back and the next thing I see is a refund to my credit card. I call them up and they inform me the order had been canceled and I would need to order again. Hey, it's their monopoly, suck it up, so that's what I do. The second order was placed in September of last year, they charge my credit card and I wait. Yes, I also have to wait for the dealers to get their DVD's first. My months of waiting include semi-frequent visits to the web site to check order status. Back ordered, back ordered, back ordered, processing, YES!!! Processing, processing, ... So, I call. This is where I ask if anyone wants to guess what I found out, go ahead, guess. Yes, the snotty teenage girl informs me the order was canceled again. They say I can place another order though! But my credit card has already been charged. That's when they inform me they don't do that until it ships. Hmm, I must be special, sort of like they are. Now I have to fax them proof of the credit card being billed. And yes, the website still says my order is being processed. I'll come back and let you know when its done. The local dealer said they would order it for me but they go through the same process and it's and extra $40. Anyone know where I can get an old disc?

Alpine and Honda can each pick a cheek and kiss my a$$!!!

Anonymous said...

I get a DVD update for my Garmin every year-FREE! My in-dash Alpine in my 2005 Honda Pilot has not been updated but any dealer will be happy to get one for me...for about $250!!! This is trash and bad business! Is there any way to get Alpine into the 21 century? I'll never update at these prices!

Anonymous said...

UPDATE: I read your blog and I am extremely frustrated with this F'd up situation as well. I've called several times looking for the updated disc and this is the explanation I received on my last call. The 07 discs came out last fall and were defective, most of them didn't work. They then had to recall all discs, figure out what was wrong and then fix the problem. The new discs they came out with earlier this year only work with the 08 models, not previous models that they were supposed to work with so now they have to figure that out. The release date has been pushed back 3 times at this point, so it's June, the 08 discs should be out in October or Novemeber so don't waste your time and money, you're better off waiting for the new one this fall. What a bunch of Jackasses!!!

Chris said...

Ya, I'm convinced they are a bunch of idiots. My lease is up in 2010, and I am at the point where I doubt I'll even bother. Besides, the cost is absolutely outrageous for this. I can't wait for Google and the auto companies to get that all working, so that we can have constantly "up to date" maps, quality navigation systems, create our own maps (i.e. use Google's My Maps), and so on. I cannot see giving Alpine money for this at this point.

James said...

I have an 2006 Honda Odyssey with the Navigation unit, I ordered a 2008 update disc which is worse than the 2006.
I wanted the update because I moved from NYC to Savannah, GA where most of the suburb areas do not show up on the map.
Now that I have the new dvd, the roads still either don't show up or say I'm off road. The points of interest that have been updated now show up 1/4 to 1/2 mile off course.
Try putting in the old DVD and the GPS unit says wrong version.
I feel as if Alpine/Honda have ripped me off.
Very disappointed and do not recommended buying any updates at this point.
This is one issue that deserves a class action law suit.

Fronks said...


Chris said...

@fronks I kind of doubt it. Check the Honda site to see if you can even use the new DVD's at all (or which one they say to use). But, from what we've all found, a) you can't even buy a new DVD for it, so that pretty much kills any chance, and then, b) upgrading in general seems to be a risky undertaking.

I just bought a Garmin Nuvi for my other car, so am interested to see how it works. It won't be in dash or have integrated controls, but it will at least have the street my house is on in it :)

Anonymous said...

From one of the previous comments about going back to an older or original version. On the main screen press "map guide", "menu", and "cancel" buttons at the same time and hold for five seconds. This will show the diagnostics menu. Go to version and press enter. Then press download with your original dvd already in the navigation system. This will force the system to reload the original software. Five minutes later it will be back to normal. Hope this helps