18 November 2008

Video of DealBase CEO's Demo/Presentation at PhoCusWright Show

Sam Shank, the CEO of DealBase, the hotel deals site I work on, unveiled the site officially at PhoCusWright 2008. The video of his presentation (as well as all the others) is now available. Go here, and then if you hover your mouse over the video you'll see a slide/icon for each company that presented along the top - scroll to the right until you find DealBase, and then click it to watch. Presentation is about 5 minutes, and is nearly all demo and discussion of our advantages, strengths, how the site works, and business model aspects, etc.

I think the demo went great, and I've continued to hear tons of praise and useful feedback. The demo was completely live, no smoke-and-mirrors; Sam was not kidding when he told the audience to go check out the deal he just posted during the demo.

We somehow (I'm truly surprised, but of course I am a bit biased) didn't get picked as a top 6 for the show, but for example, others disagreed as well. Tim Hughes, author of The Business of Online Travel blog, listed DealBase.com in his Top Six pick of 2008 PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit finalists. Regardless, interest has been outstanding, and we're really excited. We're still cranking away with new features, and various other improvements. It's a lot of fun!