30 December 2008

Speech / Talking Results for RSpactor

After discovering that autospec was taking up a lot of CPU while it was "idle", I looked for alternatives. I found RSpactor, which doesn't take as much CPU, and is better since it's a dedicated window with nice GUI results and so. My only gripe was that I'd gotten used to the spoken results output I'd rigged up for Autospec.

I really prefer the spoken results because it is not visually distracting, and doesn't require me to be paying attention to the area of the screen where they pop up (I use a 30" monitor, plus the 17" laptop monitor, so I'm not always looking at the right spot for the Growl notices, and I don't like the monitor-wide growls). Lucky for me, RSpactor is open source and is up on GitHub.

I thought it was an Objective-C Cocoa app, but as it turns out it's a RubyCocoa app. I'd built RubyCocoa apps before, so was familiar with that, plus of course know Ruby. It wouldn't have mattered either way (I'm fine working in ObjC as well), but this did make things a slight bit faster.

Anyway, did a quick bit of work and got a new preferences panel for Speech added, and then rigged that up to test results, so that I now have my desired spoken results. A slight improvement comes along in that it (optionally) speaks the number of passing/failing/pending tests - just insert a question mark in the string/phrase you want spoken for each and it'll say the number at that spot.

I've sent a pull request to RubyPhunk, but no guarantees it will get added to the main line. In the mean time, if you're interested, grab it from my RSpactor fork on GitHub. Update: RubyPhunk integrated my changes into the main RSpactor code.