06 October 2006

Friday Night Coding

Some might consider it sad, but I'm really enjoying spending my solo Friday night coding.  My wife and kids headed to the Bay area earlier this evening to spend time with the grandparents and some of my wife's friends.  I have a project I've been wanting to work on for a while, so I'm taking the opportunity to hack for the evening.

Right now I'm enjoying:

  • listening to Pandora, a very cool service
  • sipping a decaf espresso (I don't need to stay up that late, and I had a regular espresso earlier this afternoon :)
  • Hacking Rails code in TextMate, with ZenTest's autotest keeping me on track.  The project involves a few interesting things:
    • Amazon's S3
    • Music files
    • Some "Web 2.0" features (natch)
    • Client side code (just for Mac so far, but hopefully Linux and Windows as well)
  • Figuring out where I'm going to host it.  I believe I will have one of TextDrive's new containers soon, but we'll see.

Hope you're enjoying your Friday night as well.

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