05 March 2007

My Mac Menu bar is getting too full

I have switched to using You Control: Desktops for my Mac virtual desktop manager. I was using Virtue Desktops before, but it's been buggy, and seems to not remember, or often pay attention to my settings for what apps go on which desktops and so on. You Control was something I looked at when they were in pre-release, and it wasn't very good at the time. But since then they've come a long way!

I have always liked having the pager control in the menu bar, and they have this now. But, between that and various other things, my darn menu bar is crazy full, and overcrowded when I'm just looking at my 15" MacBook Pro screen (this screenshot was done on a 20" Dell monitor, and my regular office monitor is a 24" Dell wide aspect ratio, so that one rarely gets crowded). The image above, while shrunk, is 719 pixels wide.