27 March 2007

House is nearly packed up; just about to move

The movers were here this morning, and today they packed up nearly all of our house. They will finish tomorrow, while also packing the truck. It's been a crazy day. The gardiners and window washers were here this morning, we were trying to scurry around to finish up things for the movers, and then keep the kids entertained as well.

This afternoon was good though. A real estate agent came by, said she heard we were selling our house (from our neighbor, who just sold theirs, which is the same model as ours), and that she has two prospective buyers (we haven't even put the house on the MLS yet). She brought the family by later this afternoon and our agent showed them around while we did some errands. The people loved it, and we're hoping they'll be putting in a bid by the end of the week. Whew! That'd be awesome, hopefully it works out.

I am now sitting in the home office, which is one of the few things they have left to pack up. I'm doing a bit of work, then finishing readying the office for packing, then off to sleep in the hotel. We drive to Oregon on Saturday.