01 April 2007

Arrival in Eugene

Originally uploaded by Christopher Bailey.
Here's the sunset as we arrived at our new house in Eugene, OR last night. It was a gorgeous drive (at least from about Medford to Eugene). Drive went well, kids did great. We're very excited to be at our new home. The WiFi is setup, espresso machine is rolling, and we're starting our day in our new home.


Anonymous said...

Chris, welcome to Eugene! My name is Otto and I'm a local software developer. I was showing my girlfriend Technorati and she searched for Eugene and came across your profile.

If you're new to the area and looking for info, drop me a line at http://blog.ottoradke.com/ or http://twitter.com/ottoradke/

Once again, welcome to the area, I'm sure you'll enjoy it here!

Chris said...

Thanks Otto, we're loving it so far! We've been doing a lot of unpacking and such so far, but also getting around town too.