25 June 2007

GPS Data for Canon DSLR's?

Moose Peterson recently blogged about this really cool mini-GPS that mounts on the hot shoe of Nikon DSLR's. I'm wondering if there is anything like this for Canon's, in particular the Rebel XTi, or 30D, etc. I would also be ok if there was a solution that connected my Garmin 60CSx to my XTi to automatically store GPS data in the EXIF info.


bill said...

I use a software solution for the MacOS called GPS Photo Linker. Basically, you download your GPS track log after you spend your day shooting photos, and the software then compares the timestamps on the photos to the stamps in the track log.

I've only played around with it briefly, but it seems to work reasonably well. There may be a similar product for your OS of choice.

Also for MacOS is the GeoTagging Automator Action, it does the same thing.

Chris said...

Bill, thanks! That would work pretty well (and I'm on Mac).

For reference:
GPS Photo Linker
GeoTagging Automater Action

Bas said...

Perfect. I was searching for the same and thanks to Google I've found it. Looks pefect, thanks.

oldchurchbiddies said...

I recently saw that Terry White had a blog on the same unit that Moose uses. I commented on that blog asking about a similar product for the Canon that sits on the camera to subtract the extra step that seems to be required at this time. Terry didn't know of anything as of a few days ago.