04 June 2007

Visionary Saver Updates Coming...

I've been swamped at work, so haven't had much time to work on Visionary Saver. But, I should have an update in the next week or two. Some of the things I'm working on:

  • Multi-monitor support: allowing you to pick which visualization(s) you want on each monitor (or fully random)
  • Adding a new Flickr visualizer: FlickrTicker
  • More options for various visualizers
  • Looking into enabling use of the mouse while the screen saver is running
Thanks everyone for the support!

In the mean time, to get the existing version, click here.


bwc said...

looking forward to the improved dual-monitor support! :-) Awesome app, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Hi, twittervision is great, thank you for that. I would love to scale the map when its used as screensaver. How are your enhancements coming along?

Chris said...

Sorry it's taking so long, I'm insanely busy at work right now trying to get a project finished up. Hopefully next week I'll have some time to work on this again. The map scaling will be coming (courtesy of API/support from Twittervision).

Chris said...

Note, there is a new home for Visionary, and a slightly updated version.