19 May 2007

New Version of Twittervision Screen Saver

I've put up a new version of Visionary Saver the Twittervision/Flickrvision, and now Twittervision 3D and Twitter Flash RailsConf visualizers. The options panel is a bit different now - it's just checkboxes. If you want to randomize between different visions, just check which ones you'd like to randomize for.

I'm still at RailsConf, but will be home this coming week and can then work on settings for which saver you want to run on which monitor of a multiple monitor setup, so stay tuned.

Download Visionary Saver


Marc LaFountain said...

Thanks for continuing to improve this! Love the new options!

Drew McManus said...


Anonymous said...

I don't understand how I use the controls or mouseover things if it disables the screensaver when I do... :(

Chris said...

You can't use the controls in the screen saver version, because, as you mentioned, moving the mouse dismissed the saver. If you want to use the controls and use it interactively, then you load it up in your browser. But, this is a screensaver, so at most, just enjoy the visuals. I am working on at least setting up login, and adjusting the zoom level to be better for this use.

PhoneBoy said...

Need explicit support for multiple monitors. I'd like to run Twittervision in one and Flickrvision in the other.

JVK said...

Nice one!

Julian Baldwin said...

This is awesome and I love the app. Great work!

Ruby said...

Thanks this is great.

I'd love to have the ability to just have it show the tweets (or pictures) from my own network.

Chris said...

Thanks Ruby, I agree. I'm working on more options.


Hi. I'm trying to execute a twittervision.com type interface for a project I'm working on but I'm a bit over my head here. I've learned that it's a Ruby on Rails product but if anyone has any advice, guidance on first steps... I'd be very appreciative of your time and generosity.



Chris said...

Trestles: can you elaborate a bit? Are you trying to do something where you show some kind of data on a map given you having geodata for that data? Or are you saying you want to put Twittervision itself into some other product/project?


Hi Chris,

Thank you for your response.

I'm basically try to set up a similar mashup like

1) Is http://www.thisnext.com/activity/map/ a simple mashup
2) How much development time do you think it took
3) Other than Google Maps and Ruby on Rails... would anything else be
in play here?

Thank you in advance for any guidance you may have.