22 May 2007

Perforce for CruiseControl.rb

Tonight I'm doing a quick bit of hacking to see if I can implement Perforce support for CruiseControl.rb. It looks promising, but we'll see. Perforce and SVN are quite different beasts. One cool thing though, Perforce has a -R flag to all commands that say to return the output as marshalled Ruby (they also have this for Python). This is very handy when writing scripts.

Also, if someone has already done this (i.e. my Google searches for it were too feeble), please let me know!


Alexey Verkhovsky said...


When you are done, please make us a patch for CC.rb, or at least post your code to cruisecontrolrb-users@rubyforge.org

I don't promise to put it into the core right away (we have to release version 1.2 first), but eventually it will get there.

Alex Verkhovsky
CC.rb team

Chris said...

Alexey, I'm running into some problems. It is not seeming to actually use my Perforce source_control class/setting. I'm following the approach described in Jeremey's post. Also, if it would be possible for you guys to document the source control interface more explicitly, that'd be great (particulary, exactly what is expected to be returned by the few methods, etc.). I'm sort of doing all that by experiment, since I don't use SVN that much.

Chris said...

Figured out the last problem. I'm closer now. Not sure if I'll get it going tonight, but now the end is in sight...

Slava Imeshev said...


Our Parabuild works with Perforce and Ruby out of the box.

I understand that 1 minute Parabuild installation not as nearly fun as a couple of days of hacking in Ruby, but it can be a better solution if all you want is to get your software build management up and running quickly.

Hope this helps.


Slava Imeshev

Chris said...

Slava, that's great. I've bookmarked it and will keep it in mind.