18 May 2007

RailsConf, and Presentation Day

Today is the big day for us: our two presentations at RailsConf. In the morning my co-worker, Chris Haupt, and I are presenting a session purely on Apollo. If you don't know much about Apollo, or want to find out more, join us for this. Then, in the afternoon, we'll jump into using Apollo with Rails, and our experiences in that regard. Both talks will include demos and code.

If you attended Peter Armstrong's BOF on Flex and Rails last night (which was great, good job Peter!), come see the Apollo talks to see how you can take that even further with what Apollo adds to Flex.


Anonymous said...

I wished I could have attended your talk!!!

Will you be posting your presentation slides online, so the rest of us can learn how to use Apollo with Rails?



Chris said...

Yes, the slides will get posted. They should go up on the RailsConf site, as well as on Adobe. We are working on potentially making a screen/podcast of the presentation and posting that. This would be a redo of the presentation, since it wasn't recorded at RailsConf. I will blog about it if we wind up doing that. I will also blog once the slides are available.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch!