10 February 2008

Facebook and Business

I was, and am still slightly a Facebook skeptic. I did not use it in college (it didn't exist "back then" ;-) And, it's just not something I use much, yet. But, I won't deny the incredible viral effects it has. And, I am actively working on Facebook applications (or integrations with existing sites).

I came across a great blog entry, Collision of the enterprise and web 2.0, which talks about how Facebook is being used for business more and more, and how the lines between your friends, and your "business associates is blurring. I couldn't agree more. Besides, I'm both friends with and business associates with many of the same people, a lot of them in fact.

One of the main things that has prevented more use of Facebook for me is simply the lack of "useful" applications. Zobies and movie quizzes are just not something I have time for, or rather, want to spend my time on. But, as productivity, business, and other such "useful" applications start to enter, it won't surprise me at all if I use Facebook a lot more. It is a good social and network property, and downright easy and nice for doing the social networking aspects. So, here's to seeing how Facebook's application space grows going forward.


Anonymous said...

I have to say I've always kept Facebook for personal contacts and LinkedIn for professional ones. I don't want potential business associates seeing photos of me on a Saturday night :D

Of course LinkedIn isn't an application platform, and doesn't look like it will become one any time soon. I think it might lose out there, but right now I haven't seen any apps useful to a business profile. Hopefully it won't go the same way as Friends Reunited.

Chris said...

Ash, I agree, and I think that's held true for so many people. I see two things changing though - people are integrating their networks more often, and LinkedIn is actually not much of a social network. Sure, it's about a network of people, but the vast majority of people simply seem to have it amount to "how many connections can I have" - they rarely actually use it. Maybe your experience differs, but that's how it goes for everyone I know.