13 September 2008

Use the Lighthouse API for Mass Ticket Changes

Lighthouse is a nice issue tracker/bug database. We're using at at DealBase and some of my other projects. However, one thing it doesn't have, is a way to set the state of a bunch of tickets at once, or assign a slew of tickets to a certain user, etc. I need to do this regularly, as anytime we do a deploy to our staging environment, I need to go mark any bugs that were set to 'fixed' to now have a state of 'deployed', and then assign them to someone else to be verified. Lighthouse API to the rescue...

You can whip up a quick Ruby script to automate operations like this. The following is the script (tweaked to protect the innocent) I use to mark all tickets that are set to "fixed" to now be "deployed" and assign them to another user for verification. Obviously you can change this pretty easily to affect various other changes. I recommend playing with the Lighthouse API in IRB to see what the attribute names are for Tickets and so on.