02 September 2008

We're Hiring for a Rails or Similar Developer

The startup I work for, DealBase, is in need of another developer. This is pretty exciting for us, and the business is quite exciting as well! We're looking for someone with Rails experience, as well as MySQL, Git, TDD (BDD is good too), agile development practices, and so on. You can read all the details in our posting on the 37signals Gig Board. Please make sure you respond to the ad, as opposed to sending me email (or asking via a blog comment). You can mention in your email though that you found it via my blog entry.

One thing I want to specifically note, you don't have to be a "Rock Star"! Sure, we want the best people, but I too am sick of this "Rock Star" designation. I'd like to see someone who's passionate about software development, web apps, technology, TDD, JavaScript, and so on.

Another thing to note, we're a partially distributed team. I myself live in Eugene, Oregon, others are in the Bay area, one person Boston.


Tarun said...

whats your time frame ? i.e. by when do you want a member in your team ?

Chris Bailey said...

Time frame is "the near future" :) We're actively seeking people, but time will not determine when we hire someone, the quality of the person will determine that.

Anonymous said...

So... Looks like you haven't found anyone?

Chris said...

jdtangney: we will be posting up a new job opening in the next day or two actually, probably on the WWR site, maybe 37signals, and so on. This will be for an HTML/CSS/JavaScript and general front end web developer. Experience with Rails and Git are required. You can send resumes to jobs at dealbase.com.