08 July 2006

Adobe's San Jose building is world's first for energy conservation

I think this is very cool, as I'm into energy conservation and such. Adobe's West Tower building (the first of the three that are connected together at the San Jose HQ), just received the highest rating for energy and environmental design:

The Adobe tower is the world's first commercial office building to earn this highest recognition possible for energy and environmental design excellence under the USGBC's permanent LEED Existing Building (LEED-EB) standard.
The other two buildings that it connects to should get this rating shortly as well. It's nice knowing the company you work for takes these issues seriously. It's somewhat amazing to me that they do this, given the beautiful facility. Everyone has their own office, there are many "labs", good cafeteria (Google's main benefit over ours is that theirs is free - food isn't that different IMHO), top notch networking (Gigabit ethernet, WiFi all over), and so on.

Of course, I work in the Auburn, CA office, with four other people, so our facility isn't quite like this. But then we're only an hour drive from Tahoe :)