29 July 2006

Leaving OSCON

I'm at Portland Airport right now (hurray for free WiFi!), about to head home.  OSCON 2006 was great.  Far and away the best part was meeting people, and the impromptu gatherings.  Yesterday afternoon I hung out at Urban Grind with Paul Hammant, Greg Luck, James Duncan Davidson, and several others, and had a great time, then continued on to dinner with a subset.  We talked Java, Ruby, JRuby, Python, did a tiny bit of pair programming, and tried to find Perl folks (we finally found Matt, a young guy who's working on Parrot, and just finished and internship at Amazon).  Dinner was great, and I'm signing off now, as I have 3 hours of sleep and need to get on the plane.  I'll backfill various notes, session info, and stories over the coming week.

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