10 July 2006

Trying out Flock

Flock — The web browser for you and your friends

I'm trying out the Flock browser, which is Firefox based. So far it's pretty darn cool. I'm not using every feature (I prefer NNW to Flock's RSS, but that isn't their intent to replace anyway). But, the Flickr integration is cool, and this post is testing out the Blogger integration. The del.icio.us integration rocks. Also, the UI is very nice, and I dig how they've already integrated some of the nicer extension features. I've of course already installed other extensions like Firebug, Web Developer, Gmail, Session Manager, and so on. Anyway, check it out, pretty interesting.

Also, their search box is great - it does multiple searches while you are typing, and shows them in a drop down. So, you can simultaneously search Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Wink, or whatever. It's very nice, and highly effective. I should note that some of these things may be existing Firefox extensions, but Flock simply integrates them really well, and avoids me having to manage that many more extensions.

About the only problem I've found so far is that it has the old focus problems on Mac, when running under CodeTek Virtual Desktop. This plagued Firefox way back, so I'm not sure why Flock still suffers from it, as Firefox fixed it a long time ago. But, I am currently switching all my Macs off CTVD anyway, because it doesn't work well at all on Intel Macs. I'm using Virtue Desktops on my MacBook Pro, and tonight switching the rest of my Macs to it.

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