11 July 2006

New Job!

I'm very excited.  Beginning in August, after returning from OSCON, I will be changing jobs.  I'll still be at Adobe, but I'm moving from the Photoshop team, to a new team (that is just me (development wise) to start), and back to doing web apps and web services. I'm further psyched because I'll be doing Ruby on Rails (taking a project I was working on in my spare time and making it a "real" project), Flex, and other cool stuff.  I will do some minor continued work on Photoshop, but really be concentrated on this new gig.

I've been working on Rails stuff in my spare time for a while, but now I'll be joining the ranks of those getting paid to do it.  Plus while I have utmost respect for the Photoshop team, and really like the folks there (there is some truly amazing talent, although that's true throughout Adobe), I'll be back to my real strength (and love) which is web and network related apps (and maybe next year when CS3 ships, I can reveal what new stuff I worked on in Photoshop - some rather interesting bits indeed!). 

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