23 July 2006


I've arrived!  w00t!  (cant I say that?)  Anyway, flew in, flight was only an hour late--listened to some podcasts and relaxed.  As hot as it may be here in Portland, it's not as hot as at home (113 today).  Took the MAX train from the airport to the hotel, super easy.  Checked in, then went and did the registration thing at OSCON.  It's about a 10 minute walk from the DoubleTree hotel here. 

After that, I came back to the room and wanted to do a video chat with my kids (4 year old daughter and 18mos old son).  But iChat was screwing up for some reason; and it didn't give me any useful errors!  Normally at hotels I may run into their network being too slow, but iChat will tell you that.  Nope, here it was just something obtuse so I sent it to Apple a half dozen times.  A real bummer though.  I'll have to try from OSCON tomorrow, or maybe Urban Grind (there's one a few blocks away).  Apparently this is where all the kewl kids hang out, although probably at the one in the Pearl.  So far in my short view radius I've only seen Starbucks :(  I'm now hitting the Delocator though.

Just ordered room service with a local brew.  Hopefully will go out tomorrow night.  Now time for a little code before dinner...

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