11 July 2006

Day 2 with Flock

So far I'm digging Flock.  I'm using it as my primary browser on all my machines now (4 Macs and a Windows XP machine).  I've run into two issues, one minor, the other, I'm not sure:

  1. The favorites/bookmark bar does not appear to support folders, like it does in Firefox, etc.  This is a fairly major bummer to me.  I don't use a Favorites menu or anything beyond the bookmark bar.  I use bookmarks solely for the things I use on a regular basis, and thus this holds what I need--assuming I have folders. 
  2. On Windows, Flock doesn't seem to be able to import all your Firefox settings.  It only seems to see/allow/support IE import, which is pointless for me (I do use IE occasionally, when I have to, and actually in that case I use Maxthon instead, but it's rare).

Also, I need to look at bookmark synchronization more.  I was under the impression that Flock did this, but it it's unclear if you are using full del.icio.us with it, if it does anything beyond that.

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