05 June 2006

Changed blog software/host

I've moved my blog to Blogger as you may now be noticing. I'm in the process of setting up redirects and so on to maintain all the old URL's. So far all I have redirected is the home/index/default page of the site, and the Atom/RSS feeds. I'm going to write a script to actually move all my typo blog entries out of my DB and over to Blogger, at which point I'll setup redirects as needed.

Why did I make this switch? Well, while I'm a huge Ruby and Rails fan, and I think typo is actually a superb blog engine, it wasn't where I wanted to spend my effort. I was having a hard time keeping up with updates, and also, my config on TextDrive with Lighty wasn't very stable. Blogger is completely adequite, and has a few nice bits, and is stable (in comparison at least). Plus, I've been ramping up more experiments, and will use my domain more for that, where I can take Lighty up and down as needed, etc.

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