27 June 2006

Flex 2 and Flash 9 Released! (and a smidge of Rails)

Great news, Adobe Flex 2 - the Flex 2 SDK, and Flex Builder (Eclipse-based Flex IDE), amongst other pieces, have been released (press release)! There's also a new flex resources web site, flex.org, in addition to the Adobe developer center's flex area. And, there's a new Flex Team blog. I really like Flex. I've been experimenting with it for a while, and in particular with using Flex to do RIA's on top of Ruby on Rails back ends. Some links related to this:

As part of this, version 9 of the Flash player has also been released. Press release is here. To me, two of the coolest things with this, are the 10x speed improvements (try it!), and ActionScript 3.0, which is really a nice language and has great improvements (good data typing, E4X integration, etc.). Download it now.