28 June 2006

Latest Reading: JPod by Douglas Coupland

JPod : A Novel by Douglas Coupland
I read JPOD while on vacation last week, and I loved it! I'd read Microserfs (first as the short story in Wired), when it came out, and loved that too. JPOD is similar in terms of following a person and his group, and is based at a video game company. But, the book's style and story are wild. And, the sort of indifference to evil was great. It was really just such a fun book to read, and wacky too. I was laughing out loud at times, and was rather bummed to finish it. I also particularly liked how Coupland included himself in the book. Highly recommended.

Warning: spoiler-like material ahead...
Today, I was listening to the Distributing the Future podcast Playing with Location. During this, they briefly talked with Onomy Labs, who has the "spinny table" (or tilty table as it's called on their web site). It is very interesting to compare this to the Dglobe product in the book.