13 June 2006

Root.net and the Attention Stream

Have you seen Root.net? This is quite interesting. It's a system (server and Firefox extension) to monitor your "attention stream," which mainly amounts to where you go on the Internet, what searches you do, what you post to del.icio.us, etc. And to answer the immediate question, yes, you can blacklist domains you don't want it to monitor (i.e. say your corporate intranet).

I am just starting to play with it. I also have to commend them on their UI. Heavy use of AJAX, and a very nice draggable module based UI presentation of your data. It's clean, easy to use, and obvious. Once I get this going a bit more, and maybe get a few friends using it, I'll be interested in using their Attention Exchange, which lets you exchange your attention stream with others to see what sites you have in common, compare your surfing time, etc.

Finally, they have a RESTful web service API. Now just don't let your manager get ahold of your clickstream; you don't want them coming around telling you you spend way too much time on <insert a favorite site here>.


Ed Batista said...

Hi Chris,
I'm the Executive Director of AttentionTrust. Glad to hear you're finding the Recorder and your Root account useful. Would love to hear more about your experiences with it, how you're putting it to use, any concerns or complaints, etc. Please drop me a line and stay in touch.

Ed Batista