29 June 2006

Feedback on Scale with Rails Seminar?

I'm looking into going to the Scale with Rails seminar put on by the Joyent/TextDrive folks. If you're reading this, and have attended a prior one, let me know what you thought. Also, let us know what your background with Rails, web apps, sys admin, etc. was to provide context. I've gone through their slides that they link to on the site, but obviously you get more detail and interaction in person.

The one thing that worries me is the related discussion about how they had such horrid network throughput with BSD, as compared to Solaris (or really, just in general). I find it exceedingly difficult to believe that they didn't mess something up on their BSD systems. You can't tell me that Yahoo (who uses BSD) has these problems - their business wouldn't work. So, that brings into question the competancy to some degree. The rest of the material seems fine, but this one I worry about. Joseph Scott also blogged about this, in more detail.