05 June 2006

Going to OSCON 2006

I'm quite excited, as I'll be going to OSCON this year. It was a bit of a stretch to get the company to pay for it. There are a few interesting tracks on TDD, unit testing, scripting, etc, and I'm one of the big troublemakers at work in pushing this stuff. In particular I've been, oh the evil, writing some of my features completey in JavaScript, instead of the usual C++! This is actually very cool when you can do it. I took one feature that, was only partially done, at about 2000+ lines of code, and rewrote it, and finished it with all error handling, test support, etc. down to around 650 lines of JS. Of course, while the sessions I sold the company on will be good, I'm even more excited about many others, plus the interesting networking at this conference.