03 June 2006

Cleaning out the computer graveyard

Originally uploaded by Chris Bailey.
Today my wife and I spent a good chunk of time cleaning out the home office, aka the computer graveyard. The accumulation of equipment is kind of amazing. People are already awed when they learn we have eight computers in-use in the house (three others not in use). But the office had gotten out of control. Of course my bookshelf is still completely overflowing. I really need to purge. I rarely do Java work anymore, and a large chunk of space is occupied by Java books (click on the pic to see the books more closely). Some of the things that we found/have, and are either going on eBay or are getting trashed:
  • The Be Book - yes, this is the original manual for the Be computer - a collectors item now I'm sure :) This will go on eBay for sure.
  • 3 dead hard drives
  • Dead SonicWall VPN box
  • Old video cards, NIC's, SCSI cards, etc.
  • USB Bluetooth adaptors
  • Mac Cube computer
  • US Robotics Mac&Fax 28k modem
  • Several Iomega Zip and Jazz drives (I still use a Zip for some things)
  • Tons of cables, many useful, many I have no idea what they even are. Some include, parallel, serial, SCSI (in about 4 formats), ADB, telephone, power, the list goes on.
  • Tons of converters, parallel, serial, ADB, null modems, PS/2 to USB, etc.
  • A couple 10Mbit hubs (10MBit is so last century!)
  • A half dozen cruddy old mice (the computer kind, not the rodent!)
  • Lucent Orinoco Gold WiFi PCCard
  • Inkjet printer
  • A flatbed scanner
  • About 10 bags of software/instructions for APC backup power units
The various cables and such really take one back to the pre-USB/firewire days. What a pain. So many varying formats and junk and hoops to jump through.


ask4jon said...

why did your sonicwall die, so did mine it was t2. i was originally attracted to your site after searching why sonicwalls die, but was intrigued by your orinoco card, you are throwing it away and i really need one.

Chris said...

I don't know what happened with the Sonicwall, basically just stopped
working. It was out of warranty, so basically dead/too expensive to fix. I'm using a Cisco PIX box now, supplied by my employer.

I sold the Orinoco card.